Who am I? The Champ
Date: June 30, 2007
Location: Harlem , New York
Roleplay Title: Who am I? The Champ
Opponents : Holocaust Jr.

Continuation ...

[The scene opens up and we see TYO and his boys still talking with the leaders of the 5 Burroughs Syndicate .]

Black Magic : You and your boys mostly likely wonít be able to walk into and Airport and buy tickets without the feds knowing that you are leaving the states. And tailing your asses. So instead of flying commercial I am going to charter a flight for you guys to Colombia using a private plane that my partner owns

The Young One : Thatís fine with us

Black Magic: Alright then Iíll make the call and set everything up. You know where that old abandon air plane hanger is at in Harlem ?

The Young One : Yeah I know what you are talking about

Black Magic : Iíll tell him to meet you guys there and then he will fly you guys to Columbia and yall can go take care of business

The Young One : Alright then we out

[Dontrelle Fingers then walks up to tyo and gives him a hug and nudges him on the head ]

Dontrelle Fingers : Be safe neph

The Young One: Donít worry unc Iím a big boy. I handle mine

[TYO and his boys then leave out of the funeral home leaving the leaders of the five Burroughs behind them. Then they make their way towards the car and they all hop in and then they are off the meet the person who is going to fly them to Colombia so that they can meet up with the head of the Mendoza Cartel. When in the car tyo and his boys begin to talk ]

Big Geese: I donít know about this

The Young One : About what?

Big Geese: Going to Columbia

Yuk: For once me and Big Geese agree on something . Itís one thing when you have to take care of business on your turf

Finesse : But itís a whole nother thing to go to someone elseís turf or for that matter to someone elseís country and think that everything is going to go smoothly

Big Geese: We donít know shit about Columbia and how shit goes around there . We are going to be out of our element

Yuk : Is this really worth it ?

The Young One : I know you guys arenít sure of what might be in stored for us in Columbia . But nothing is going to happen to us . We have to do what we have to do. We worked too hard to get where we were to come to this point and let Kevin Rascal take everything that we had worked so hard for without even putting up a fight. Is it worth it ? Hell yeah if kevin wants to take our blocks and are drug connect he is going to need a mother fucking army because I ainít going out like no puss . Ya dig ?

Big Geese : I feel you

The Young One : So you guys going to ride with me on this one or am I going to have to fly solo

Yuk : I see what you are saying and you can count me in

Big Geese : Me too!!

Finesse: Iím down

The Young One : Alright then itís settled we are going to meet up with the guy who is going to fly us to Columbia and when we are there we are going to handle our business

[After drive for a while from Brooklyn to Harlem . They finally arrive at the abandon airport hanger where they see a guy standing by an airplane . They then hop out of the car and heads towards the guy and tyo and the man begin to talk]

Hector Valdez : So you are they guy who needs helping getting to Columbia?

The Young One : Yeah thatís me . You sure we can make it in that little plane

Hector Valdez : Yeah we can make it . No worries

The Young One : Alright then letís get it

[Just then a car pulls up]

Hector Valdez: Who the fuck is that?

The Young One: I have no idea . You trying to set me up homie ?

Hector Valdez: No I have nothing to do with this

[The person driving the car then hops out of the car. As tyo , Hector Valdez and tyoís boys look on. Then tyo recognizes the person and walks up to the person and begins to talk.]

The Young One : What the hell are you doing here ?

Officer Almonte : We had a deal remember ? The deal was for me to retrieve the gun that your boy used and to bring it to you and I would get paid

The Young One : Yeah I remember . I just want to know how the hell did you know we were here

Officer Almonte : Iím a cop and we know everything

[Just then Hector Valdez yells over to tyo]

Hector Valdez : Who the hell is that?

[TYO then yells back over to Hector Valdez ]

The Young One : Heís a cop

[Hector Valdez and tyoís boys look at each other with confused looks on their faces. Then tyo goes back to talking with officer Almonte ]

The Young One: I donít have the money on me right now. But I can get it to you when I return from my business trip

Officer Almonte : That wasnít the deal

The Young One: Alright then just to make you happy. Iíll double what I was originally going to pay you if you hand me the gun right now . And I give you my word as soon as I return

Officer Almonte : I donít know about that

The Young One : My word is my bond

[Officer Almonte then reaches back into his car and retrieves the gun. It is in a bag and still has the evidence sticker on it ]

Officer Almonte : Here you go. But donít try and fuck me over

The Young One : I wonít

[Officer Almonte then hands tyo over the evidence . TYO then takes the evidence and heads back over to Hector Valdez and the boys . And Officer Almonte hops back in his car and drives off.]

The Young One : Alright letís go

[ All the men make their way onto the plane . When in the plane the young one and his boys take their seats and put their seat belts on . And Hector Valdez heads to the cock pit and gets everything going so they can take off . After Valdez makes sure everything is clear and safe for them to take off. The plane takes off and they are in the air and on their way to Columbia . Inside the plane we see tyo and his boys no unfastening their seat belts and tyo and the three other men begin to talk]

Finesse : So you a rat now ?

[TYO looks at finesse ]

The Young One : What the fuck are you talking about ?

Finesse : You the one acting all buddy buddy with the cop. You must be working for him

The Young One : Fuck outta here . He is working for me

[TYO then takes the evidence bag that has a gun inside of it and shows it to his boys ]

The Young One : You see this right here . This is what they were going to use this send beans up the river for good. I paid that cop to steal this for me so that I can get rid of it and all charges against beans would have to be dropped . Making beans a free man once again

Yuk : I knew you wasnít know snitch

Big Geese : Shut the fuck up and stop kissing ass

Finesse : My fault B for doubting you

The Young One : Itís all good . You still my boy . Iíll be back Iím about to go and check up on the pilot and see how things are going

[TYO then gets up out of his seat and walks to the cock pit door and opens it . Then he makes his way in the cock pit and sits in the empty co-pilot seat across from Hector Valdez and they begin to talk.]

The Young One : So everything going good with the plane

Hector Valdez: Yeah no problem . Black Magic told me you were going to Columbia to handle some business . Maybe you could use my help

The Young One : What kind of help ?

Hector Valdez : I have a cousin who can show you around

The Young One : Yeah that would be cool

To be continued...

::Real Talk::

Before you start running your mouth. You have to know what Iíve been through to see where Iím coming from.

Iím not in heaven and Iím not in hell. Where Iím at is a place called the house of pain. The house of pain is where I lay my head. The house of pain is my hood. The house of pain is the time I spend on this earth until the day I take my last breathe .

No matter who the opponent is that I am going to be facing they always manage to make threats towards me . Iím here to let you know that your threats have fallen on death ears . Every since I was a young boy growing up in the projects there was always the threat that I can die at any moment .

I remember back when I was 6 going on 7. My boy Raheim was the only kid on the block with the new air jordans . We were playing at the park and this guy came up and wanted Raheimís kicks . Raheim even at a young age was a tuff as mother fucker and he told the dude he wasnít handed over his kicks . And Raheim ate a bullet for not handed over his kick.

When you witness shit like that at a young age. You can care less about what some punk ass wrestler decides would be cool to say because he think it will make you afraid . Iíve seen and witness things that would make the ordinary man lose his mine.

I did things to others that I canít take back. And that I will have to walk around with the burden of committing thoughs acts for the rest of my life . I donít bring up the fact that I deal drugs , that I have been shot and all of the other things because I want street cred .

I bring up these things because these things help to make me the person I am. Iím not a creation of the writerís in the back who throw wrestlers gimmicks and tell them to act it out . What you se when you see TYO is 100% real.

There is no green screen. No director to yell cut. No actors. Everything that happens in my life is real. Thatís what separates me from people like Nirvana and Kamikaze . Nirvana called his self and actor when he said ď Shawn Walsh gave me a script to read an a costume to wear.Ē I donít fake who I am and I will never act as someone who I am not . Nirvana canít say the same thing. Heís fake and he knows it and I know it .

Through my time spent slinging crack rocks on the street. I have been through battles. Whether it was through people trying to knock my off my thrown . Or people in my family battling drug problems . Or back when I was younger and my mother couldnít put any food on the table. And I survived it all whether it be getting shot in th e hand in leg, going to prison , starving during those cold winter nights when I was a young kid . I have been through so many battles and the fact that I am standing here in front of you proves that through all the things that Iíve been thrown my way. I still manage to come out on top. So Nirvana if you think you can make threats about taking my soul and all of that shit . And think I am just going to be a push over . Think again my friend . I refuse to lose to you. After all Iíve been through and all of the weight of the bad things I have done through my life . You think I am going to let someone who hasnít even lived life take what is rightfully mine away from me . Those tag straps are mine . You read from a script and your life is planned by writers. I live life and take the punches it delivers me . On Sunday those tag straps are going home with people who live in the real world and deal with real issues . And not a actor and a ass monkey . Nirvana you couldnít walk a mile in my air forces (sneakers).

Kamikaze god didnít break the mold. He just forget to throw you in the reject pile . And I can give two monkey shits if someone talks about roots . Iím a grown ass man and I wasnít no damn slave so why in the hell would that bother me . Do I look like I was born in the 1800's? I was born in 1986 why in the hell would that bother me . Roots doesnít involve me so why would I care. If you havenít notice all I care about is me, myself and I .

I like the approach you took though. On trying to use everything I say and agree with it . The last time I seen that was when I was in the 5th grade and we used to pick on this fat kid. And he decided to spoil the fun by cutting jokes on himself thinking that it would make us stop. He was wrong and so are you.

You are still a dumb ass son of a bitch. Everything I said about you . You just decided to agree with it . I said you are a dumbass and you say yeah I am a dumbass. I say Nirvana is better then you and you say yeah Nirvana is better than me. Do you listen to your self? Do you have any hair on your peaches ? Because I know I wouldnít be agreeing with someone who is verbally shitting on me. Grow a set Okay.

Then you bring up my accomplishments . That is the first time I ever had an opponent bring up my accomplishments. I wasnít even planning on doing that but thanks though. Itís nice to know that you know how to use wikipedia. Thatís awesome . Congrats on that !!! I guess you wanted to throw my stats out there so that you can bring up your own. But I looked at the RWA record books and I donít see Kamikaze any where . So where did all of those titles come from that you are bragging about ?

Oh I know you are talking about back in your SFT days . Who gives a shit ? You just proved that you are retarded . No let me stop I donít want to insult the truly retarded people out there. Because you are even below them. Why in the hell would you bring of SFT accomplishments? I guess you wanted to give yourself some clout and say that you are on the same level as me and brett. But those SFT accomplishments donít mean shit . The sorriest person on the RWA roster can go to SFT and win titles . And you have proven what I just said .

You were in SFT and you won big . Letís throw a parade for Kamikaze . But wait we arenít in SFT we are in the RWA so who gives a fuck. SFT has always been low on talent and you know it. You accomplished all that shit over there but you havenít done anything or will ever do anything in the RWA. And you know what I am saying is true. Because if SFT was so great and your accomplishments in SFT mean so much to you . Then ask yourself this why would you leave SFT and come to the RWA? The answer to that question is plain and simple you know that you are not anything in the wrestling biz until you come to the place where the big dogs roam . SFT may have titles but those shits are paper made compared to our RWA titles . We donít have figure head champions who win titles based on allegiances . Our Rwa champions have their titles through being battled tested and going up against the best of the best on a nightly basis . So until you do anything in the RWA keep your mouth shut cause SFT accomplishments donít mean shit !!!!! Thatís like Lebron James bragging about winning high school champions and he plays in the NBA . It just isnít worth bragging about .

I brought up my undefeated streak and then you brought up yours and I decided to leave it alone . Because the fact that you even brought up yours was not a good look. Letís see you defeated Sara Pettis . Next!!Oh you defeated breeden . Next!!! You defeated Sean Star. You really hung your hat on this one bringing up the fact that he was a former world champ. That was when the RWA was going through a crisis . What has he done since ? His star fall once I came back. He tried to bite off my swag. TYO is often imitated but I will never be duplicated . He is a fallen star. You defeated Shane Clemmens . The fact that you beat him proves he isnít that great. Because if youíre not good and you beat him . And I am going to beat you. That means I am better than both of you. And like Shane Clemmens moved is called you two can both go ďeat a dickĒ. And the other ass berries you have beaten donít even matter. The only thing that matters is that you wonít be holding gold come the end of the night on Sunday.

Seriously you are fucked up in the head. You canít even keep your shit together . Your so busy massaging Nirvanaís dick you canít tell your left from your right and up from down. Everything you get the chance to bring up Nirvana all you say is oh he is so great yada yada and all that jazz. Shut the fuck up. What the fuck did Nirvana tell you? Did he tell you his sperm cures all diseases known to man or something ? I just donít understand why you continue to slob on his knob like that? You endorse the shit out of this manís sperm like you are doing a pro active commercial .

He isnít that great!!! So hop off his dick . Monica Lewinsky may have gotten ahead through those methods . But Nirvana isnít the president and he isnít the good .

Oh and let me not forget. I loved the fact that you pointed out my misusage of words. Last time I checked I never prided myself on being an English major . Have you ever gone to a school in the hood? I know you havenít so just to let in on something there isnít a lot of learning going on in our schools . I might not be book smart or well versed in English. But I know what I know . And I am street smart and I am also able to see that you and your boy toy have no chance against brett and me .

::Real Talk::

You know what I got one more thing to say. Because you called brett great in your first promo. Then you cut the second promo and you talk bad about brett. Make up your fucking mind . He is better then you. Period !! You said brett was MIA . That is partially true he was in miami chilling . I told him to sit back and chill and watch me bully you two chumps . You should have let a sleeping dog lie. Because he is going to get in your ass now . The difference between brett and my partnership and yours and nirvan . Is that I will say that brett is great but I will never say he is better than me . You on the other hand act like you are 3 feet high and nirvana is 12 feet high and your head is around his pecker area . Me and brett are on the same level of greatness with a slight edge to yours truly .

::Real Talk::